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Doors Harrisburg NC Did you know that doors are one of the best home improvement upgrades you can make? Homeowners choose this popular upgrade in Harrisburg, North Carolina for a variety of reasons. But why would a Harrisburg homeowner choose to install a new door over another upgrade, such as a kitchen remodel or a master suite addition?

Here are the reasons why a door upgrade trumps other improvement options you can choose for your home:

Energy Efficient Features Increases Value

When you're looking to get the best value with this home improvement, don't cut corners on energy efficiency options. This is one of the keys to getting the best return on investment possible, whether you're selling your home or simply want to make it more energy efficient.

Universal Windows Direct engineers our products with energy efficiency in mind. This is why we include a polyurethane foam core with every entry door. The core is designed to increase the thermal efficiency of your home, resulting in a more comfortable environment for your family.

Quality and Durable Materials

Exterior products take a beating from the elements, and your door is no exception. It's important to choose materials that are waterproof and offer the best protection possible against winds and precipitation.

UWD offers two quality materials for your new upgrade: fiberglass and steel. Both of these options make it easy to maintain your new door while getting the best bang for your buck. The fiberglass option from UWD is a popular option due to its reinforced skin, making it highly resistant to dents, dings, and scratches.

Steel is another great option due to its security benefits and aesthetic options. Fiberglass and steel are available in an array of colors to complement your home. Furthermore, homeowners can opt for extra decorative features such as sidelites and custom hardware.

The truth is that a new door has a better return on investment than many other home improvements. A fiberglass door can yield a return on investment of roughly 90%, which is more than a kitchen remodel. They can help increase the value of your home, decrease utility bills, and boost curb appeal. To find the best value, contact Universal Windows Direct for your free quote.