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Doors Monroe NC Whether you’re a homeowner who wants a more attractive home or you’re focused on saving energy, consider installing a beautiful and energy efficient door. An entry door is the focal point of the home and adds security along with protection from the elements. Doors are a popular choice for exterior home upgrades, and Monroe homeowners have excellent styles and material options to choose from while working with Universal Windows Direct.

What are the Best Material Types for Your Entry Door?

Material selection plays a large role in the lifespan of your door. Choosing cheap or inefficient materials will result in your door needing replaced sooner rather than later. Not to mention, a low-quality door may quickly become difficult to open and close due to expansion and contraction. You may also notice issues such as fading color or even warping from heat exposure or too much moisture.

There are two top-of-the-line materials to choose for your exterior door: fiberglass and steel. Both are available at Universal Windows Direct, and they’re proven to last for years so you can get the maximum return on investment for your money.

Fiberglass is a great alterative to traditional wood. It is less expensive than wood but exceptionally durable. The reinforced skin from UWD’s fiberglass option is resistant to fading. While a door from a big box home improvement store will lose its color over time, rest assured that our fiberglass doors remain bright and beautiful for years to come.

While fiberglass is one of the most popular picks for door materials in Monroe, steel doors make up over half of the market. They are surprisingly flexible in terms of design, and they also add an extra layer of security for peace of mind.

Extra Aesthetic Features for Enhanced Curb Appeal

Both fiberglass and steel can be customized to the exact color specifications of your choice. Whether you’re looking for a woodgrain appearance or a bold paint color, the options are essentially endless.

Don’t forget that you can further enhance your door with your personal choice of hardware, with finishes such as brass and nickel. Furthermore, decorative glass takes its design up a notch while allowing extra light into your home.

For more information about trending styles and materials for doors, be sure to contact us today for an in-home demonstration.