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Energy Efficient Windows Huntersville NC Are your energy bills slowly creeping higher? While you may not notice much of an increase at first, trends will show that your utility bills are going up—which indicates that energy is being lost somewhere in the home. Unfortunately, inefficient windows are one of the biggest sources of lost energy. In fact, US homeowners collectively lose $35 billion per year due to inefficient windows.

If you’re tired of losing money and want to keep more dollars in your bank account, energy efficient windows can improve the performance of your Huntersville, North Carolina home. Here are the important things you need to know about upgrading with premium replacement windows:

Energy Efficient Windows and Price Point

One of the biggest indicators that you’re investing in energy saving windows is price point. You’ve likely seen bottom dollar windows advertised throughout Huntersville—and if you’re wondering if it’s too good to be true, the answer is that it is. The reality is that bargain windows simply don’t include energy saving features that help lower your utility bills, and the quality is often poor.

The good news is that homeowners don’t need to sacrifice efficiency for price. Universal Windows Direct prides itself in offering the most energy efficient windows on the market, especially with our UniShield® glass packages.

What are UniShield® Windows?

UniShield® windows are an exclusive option at Universal Windows Direct. They are engineered with the industry’s top energy saving features, including argon and krypton gases. These gases are designed to increase the thermal efficiency of the window, making your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

Furthermore, our UniShield® windows also includes low-e glazing and dual or triple pane glass. Triple pane technology is an advanced option for energy savings, and it offers an extra barrier for sound resistance—which ultimately keeps your home quieter.

Homeowners can enjoy a savings of up to $465 per year when they upgrade with new home windows. If you’re looking to save more money on your utility bills this year, get in touch with Universal Windows Direct for your free no-obligation estimate.