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Home Windows Charlotte NC Are you wondering how much you’ll pay for home windows in your Charlotte, North Carolina home. While this is an excellent question, it can be a tough answer to pinpoint due to varying factors. When you’re trying to determine the cost of your new replacement windows, here are the top considerations to keep in mind:

The Quality of Your Home Windows

When it comes to improving your home’s exterior, you often get what you pay for—and this is no exception for residential windows. You’ll see windows advertised on TV for bottom dollar prices, but these windows often won’t stand the test of time. They’re typically engineered with a large amount of calcium carbonate, which allows the manufacturer to dramatically decrease the price of the window.

The good news is that homeowners don’t have to sacrifice quality for price. Universal Windows Direct is dedicated to offering Charlotte’s top quality windows at an affordable price. Our windows are manufactured with the industry’s top vinyl ingredients and energy saving features, including argon and krypton gases.

Energy Saving Features

Speaking of argon and krypton gases, energy saving features also play a role in the price of your windows. Cheap windows also don’t contain these features, which is another reason why the prices are so low for homeowners.

Argon and krypton gas will raise the price of your new windows, but their benefits outweigh the cost. In fact, homeowners can save up to $465 per year on their utility bills—and this is especially the case when you choose UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct.

UniShield® windows are an exclusive option from Universal Windows Direct, and they incorporate the industry’s leading energy saving features. It’s available in four tier levels to accommodate to a variety of budgets, so you’ll never need to sacrifice quality for energy savings. These tier levels include argon and krypton gases, one or two coats of low-e glazing, and the choice between dual or triple pane technology.

Windows are an investment, but they offer up to a 70% return. This is great news for Charlotte homeowners who are looking to list their home on the market. Keep in mind that buyers value energy efficient homes—and you can get the best in the area from Universal Windows Direct.