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House Windows Harrisburg NC Your home in Harrisburg, North Carolina is a place of comfort and happy memories. However, sometimes the performance of our home can cause disruption in our day-to-day lives and even cost us money. Making home improvements is one of the best ways to truly make a house a home, and new house windows are sure to help create a better place to live.

Before you upgrade with just any house windows in Harrisburg, here is what you should consider for a happier home:

Choose Windows That Save Energy

A cold and uncomfortable home surely isn’t a happy place to live. Installing windows that are designed to keep utility bills low and prevent loss of energy is key to happiness. UniShield® windows from Universal Windows Direct are some of the best windows in the area for energy savings and comfort.

UniShield® achieved this status due to its innovative engineering with the highest quality products possible. With four glass packages to choose from, homeowners are bound to find an option that fits their budget and keeps utility bills low. The most popular option is UniShield® Plus, which includes dual pane technology, argon gas between the panes, and a coat of low-e glazing to block out UV rays.

Triple Pane Makes Your Home Quieter

Do you live next to a busy street? Do you struggle with barking dogs outdoors or noisy neighbors? If so, triple pane glass certainly helps create a happier home. UniShield® Premium and UniShield® Supreme glass packages both contain triple pane glass. The extra chamber provides advanced sound reduction, transforming your home into a calm oasis.

Furthermore, triple pane also offers extra energy saving benefits. Krypton gas is used within the chambers of UniShield® Supreme and UniShield® Premium, which maximizes your energy savings and reduces noise from the outdoors.

Making Your Home a More Beautiful Place to Live

Who doesn’t want to have a home that you can be proud about? Installing house windows is one of the best ways to boost curb appeal and make your home the star of the block. UniShield® windows offers a variety of custom colors, shapes, and sizes. You’ll find the very best materials and aesthetic options from Universal Windows Direct—contact us to learn more.