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House Windows Matthews NC Are you upgrading your home with new windows? House windows come in all shapes, colors, and styles—especially when you choose from the selection at Universal Windows Direct. While replacement windows are famous for making Matthews, North Carolina homes more efficient, their aesthetic value is second to none.

As you’re looking into upgrading your outdated windows, here are some of the most popular glass and stylistic options from Universal Windows Direct:

Decorative Glass and Grid Options

When you need to add a new decorative element to your window, consider decorative glass and grids. These options add flair and personality to your windows, and it’s easy to customize your glass in order to get the picture perfect look for your home. Universal Windows Direct offers decorative etched glass options and grids that will perfectly complement your home.

Some of our most popular grid styles include colonial flat, colonial contour, double prairie style, and diamond flat.

When it comes to your decorative glass, our popular etched glass options include diamond view, prairie view, floral view, and rain glass for privacy.

Popular Window Materials and Vinyl Paint Colors

Although wood windows can be beautiful, vinyl is simply the best choice for your new frames. Vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct are exceptionally durable, and they’re not prone to peeling, warping, or rotting over the years.

Woodgrain is another great option for your house windows. Woodgrain allows homeowners to enjoy the beauty and warmth of wood without the extra hassle of maintenance. This window material features laminate on the interior of the home in variety of textures and stains to perfectly match your décor.

The outside of the window features durable vinyl that will withstand the various North Carolina weather conditions—giving you peace of mind without the maintenance.

Universal Windows Direct offers an extensive selection of vinyl colors to boost the curb appeal of your home. While white is the most popular option, there are other vinyl colors to consider including brick red, bronze, gray, and green. Best of all, our premium UniShield® windows are guaranteed not to fade for 20 years.

When you’re ready to boost your Matthews home’s curb appeal and get the most value of your house windows, contact Universal Windows Direct for your free estimate.