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Sliding windows from Universal Windows Direct are ideal for homeowners who appreciate an unobstructed view of the outdoors. Sliding windows create a wide viewing area in any room while maintaining the convenience of operable sashes for ventilation. Available in two or three-lite configurations, sliding windows present a variety of design possibilities. Each of these windows features a dual brass roller system with stainless steel axles for years of smooth, reliable operation. The sashes on our sliding windows are conveniently removable for cleaning from inside your home, and anti-lift blocks keep your home safe and secure.

Standard Features

  • Tilt latches Gives the window an updated look and also allows for smoother operation and better performance on structural testing.
  • Sash limit locks Only allows for partial opening, so your home is secure while venting.
  • Sill groove Creates a secure, locked fit around the bottom of the window.
  • Extruded lift rail Lift rail is added during manufacturing increasing strength and stability.
  • Cam-style lock Maintains a weather-proof seal by pulling sashes together.