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Siding Contractors Charlotte NC Are you installing new siding on your home? Choosing the best quality siding and aesthetics can be a daunting task, but the first step is to find a suitable siding contractor for the job. Many homeowners call and interview numerous siding contractors in Charlotte, North Carolina before settling on a specific company. While it’s smart to shop around, there are several key questions that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re searching for new siding contractors—and these questions can help you find the right company for your needs.

  • Are You Licensed and Insured to Install Siding in the Charlotte Area? This is one of the most important questions to ask siding contractors in Charlotte, and it’s a question that you certainly don’t want to skip. Siding contractors in Charlotte are required to hold specific insurance and licensing in order to move forward with your siding project. If you’re in doubt, ask for proof. Any legitimate siding contractor, such as Universal Windows Direct, will be happy to supply you with the proof that you’re looking for.
  • How Long Have You Worked in Charlotte? It’s important that siding contractors in Charlotte have a deep understanding of homes and exterior products for the area. Their experience will ensure that you’re receiving sound vinyl siding installation and products from your contractor.
  • What Types of Siding Material do You Use? This is another important question to ask siding contractors in Charlotte, since siding materials and quality can vary from company to company. For example, Universal Windows Direct only uses the highest quality vinyl for our customers. Our vinyl siding is engineered with a heavy gauge plastic up to .046” thick, which ensures structural integrity of the siding for years to come.
  • Can I View Your Portfolio? Before you commit to siding contractors in Charlotte, you’ll want to be sure that their portfolio is up to par. Ask to see before and after examples, and even ask around for references if possible.

Universal Windows Direct is one of the most trusted and reliable siding contractors in Charlotte. To learn more about our siding products or to schedule an estimate, contact us today at 704-594-1400.