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Siding Fort Mill SC Many homeowners in Fort Mill, South Carolina take a lot of pride in the exterior of their homes. From meticulous landscaping to your brand new roof, there is simply no other exterior upgrade more powerful than your home's siding.

There are varying types of architectural styles around Fort Mill, and each has something to offer in terms of exterior. However, the most popular siding option with these homes is vinyl—and there are plenty of reasons why.

Durable and Efficient

One of the most attractive advantages of vinyl siding is its durability. This is especially the case with Universal Windows Direct’s UniShield® vinyl siding. Engineered with the top vinyl ingredients on the market, these panels are designed to withstand a variety of elements and protect your exterior from aesthetic blemishes.

UniShield® is highly resistant to dents and scratches, and you also won’t need to worry about peeling or rotting. This is also one of the advantages over choosing wood as your exterior, as it can easily rot away over the years if you neglect it.

Vibrant Colors That Last for Years

In addition to UniShield®’s durability, homeowners can also expect the color to remain bright and vibrant for years to come. Our factory color process ensures that the panels are coated in the brightest and boldest paint colors on the market that transform your home from top to bottom We’re so confident in the longevity of the color that it’s guaranteed to last up to 20 years.

Quality Installation

While our vinyl exterior products are second to none, we’re also proud to offer professional installation for Fort Mill, South Carolina homeowners. Installation plays a large role in the function and performance of your new exterior, and our experienced crew leaves no stone unturned during the process. This ensures that water does not make its way behind the panels and prevents costly mold and mildew growth.

Regardless of the architecture or age of your home, vinyl is sure to boost its curb appeal and make your home the star of the neighborhood. UniShield® is the favorite exterior option with homeowners in Fort Mill. Contact Universal Windows Direct for your free home demonstration and discover how we can enhance your home with UniShield®.