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Siding Installation Charlotte NC Siding installation in Charlotte is an investment that can entirely transform your home. Since the introduction of vinyl siding during the 1950s, siding installation has made an impact on Charlotte homes for over 60 years. Eventually, there will come a time when the exterior of your home requires an upgrade—not only for aesthetic purposes, but energy efficiency as well. If you’re thinking about upgrading your home in the near future, here are a few common signs that it’s time for new siding installation in Charlotte, North Carolina.

  • The first sign of needing new siding installation is the age of your current siding. Siding can last from 15-40 years, but its lifespan depends a lot on its quality and thickness. For example, Universal Windows Direct offers siding by UniShield® that measures up to .46” thick. Siding of this thickness will maintain its structural integrity throughout the years, making your siding installation investment possibly last for decades.
  • Generally, if your siding is at least 10 years old, you should consider getting a free estimate for siding installation in Charlotte.
  • There are several situations that can require siding installation sooner rather than later. Unfortunately, high winds can have an impact on vinyl siding. During severe windstorms, vinyl can pull away from the home and bend or crack. In most situations, the best course of action is to replace the siding rather than repair it.
  • If you’re looking for a completely new look for you home, new siding installation is a go-to solution. Universal Windows Direct offers a variety of colors and textures for homeowners to choose from, and they’re sure to take your home from ordinary to extraordinary.
  • Are your energy bills on the rise? Old siding typically equals poor performance, and will not insulate your home as properly as it should. New siding installation will add a new layer of insulation to your home and keep your energy bills from going through the roof.

If you need new siding installation in Charlotte, contact Universal Windows Direct to learn about pricing, aesthetic options, and more at 704-594-1400.