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Siding Mooresville NC You love your home in Mooresville, North Carolina, and you want to make sure that it remains protected while looking beautiful. It’s no secret that our area experiences fluctuating weather, which can do a number on the exterior of your home. The good news is that Universal Windows Direct makes it easy to protect your home from costly issues such as water damage or mold and mildew growth. Best of all, our siding serves as more than just a protective layer—it’s also pleasing to the eye and it can even boost your property value.

Block out Water Penetration

Poor quality siding allows water to make its way into your home through windows, doors, and even your roof. One of the last things that any homeowner wants is to deal with water damage and pricey repairs, but it’s an easy road to end up on if you’re living with outdated exterior.

Providing Financial Security

Not only does siding protect your home from a physical standpoint, but it can also help to protect your pocketbook. While rain and water can damage your home, wind is another factor. When temperatures turn cold in Mooresville, cold wind can penetrate outdated exterior and make its way into your home—which will have a direct reflection with your energy bills.

Your home’s exterior serves as a shield against cold wind and provides an extra layer of insulation. You’ll enjoy a cozier home throughout the year and more money in your bank account.

The Best Vinyl Selection for the Home

Now that you understand how outdated exterior can hurt your home, it’s time to consider how you’ll upgrade moving forward. Vinyl is one of the most popular exterior options due to its beauty and affordability. It’s the perfect upgrade option for those who want to overhaul their curb appeal yet have money left over at the end of the project.

UniShield® exterior is one of the best options for your home. It’s engineered to protect against the elements while remaining affordable for a variety of budgets. Our panels are available with options between .44”-.46” thick, which reinforces the overall structural integrity of the exterior.

Get the most for your money by choosing UniShield® from Universal Windows Direct. Contact us today for a quote.