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Vinyl Siding Fort Mill SC When you take a drive around Fort Mill, South Carolina, you’ll see hundreds of homes with vinyl siding exterior. We can assure you that this is no coincidence, as vinyl is the top pick for siding not only in Fort Mill, but across the United States.

Vinyl was introduced as a siding alternative over aluminum. However, it didn’t take homeowners long to realize the impact that it made in terms of curb appeal and even increasing property value.

This is where the real benefit of vinyl exterior comes into play. Homeowners can enjoy high quality vinyl for years as it protects your home and keeps it looking vibrant, regardless of sun exposure, wind storms, and more.

Does All Vinyl Stand the Test of Time?

Only quality vinyl will make a difference in the way that your home looks and performs. UniShield® siding from Universal Windows Direct is both beautiful and durable, with panels available in widths up to .46” thick. This maximizes the structural integrity of the panel and ensures that you’ll get the most out of your investment.

On the other hand, poor quality vinyl is prone to a lot of issues. For example, the siding panels may crack or even warp. Not only will this drag down the appearance of your curb appeal, but it may also compromise the structure of your home by promoting possible mold and mildew growth.

UniShield® siding is engineered to block out unwanted moisture and keep your home dry. This is the ideal choice if you need your exterior to last for years with one of the highest ROIs possible.

What’s the Right Style for Your Home?

The general rule is that you stick to the coheisve style and feel of the neighborhood. However, this doesn’t mean that you can’t branch out. Universal Windows Direct offers plenty of stylistic options to make your home look unique without making it look unfit for the neighborhood.

Consider various color options from our UniShield® line including blues, greys, greens, and tans. You can also enhance the exterior of your home by choosing vinyl scallops to bring attention to window gables. Cedar shakes gives the appearance of real wood without the hassle of maintenance. Contact us to learn more.