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Vinyl Windows Charlotte NCOne problem coming into full view during this time of the year in Charlotte, North Carolina is condensation that appears at the edge of an old vinyl window. It doesn’t matter if the window is 30 years old or 10 years old, moisture in the air is the main cause of condensation.

Windows that are not installed by Universal Windows Direct have metal spacers that hold the glass panes together. At the edge of an insulating glass unit, the glass of the window is physically connected by a metal spacer to give the unit structural stability. The problem is that metal spacers permit heat loss around the edges of glass panes by conduction. Because of the moisture in the air and the colder temperatures at the edge of the glass, condensation can occur.

Older vinyl windows in many homes might actually display less obvious signs of condensation, but that’s only because they allow so much air to escape.

If you find condensation between the layers of your home’s glass, it’s likely that the seal on your windows has been broken or damaged. If the window panes feel cold all over, it's insulating value is negligible and you should replace your old windows with one of Universal Windows Direct’s proprietary UniShield® vinyl windows.

UniShield® windows are available in four different grades to meet the needs of any homeowner’s budget. With our exclusive SuperSpacer technology, instead of metal, means that the vinyl windows from Universal Windows Direct perform better than other brands. That’s a fact.

To eliminate window condensation, make sure the humidity in your home is around 40 percent during the winter months and have your old windows replaced with UWD’s UniShield® vinyl windows. UniShield® windows create a barrier to the air exchange in a home and can keep you comfortable no matter what the weather in Charlotte might bring.

UniShield® windows, including UniShield® Premium, are the vinyl windows of choice in Charlotte, NC and beyond. Call one of our window specialists today for a personal, in-home consultation.