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Vinyl Windows Matthews NCTake a minute to touch the glass on the vinyl windows in your Matthews, NC home. Are they cold to the touch? If your windows were made by a company other than Universal Windows Direct, you most likely felt a chill when your fingertips made contact.

What you might not realize is that a key factor in the performance of your home’s vinyl windows is the spacer system.

The what?

The spacer system, or the metal bars that most sub quality windows have between the panes of glass. Other window companies use metal to provide the structural stability that keeps the glass panels separated and an insulating air space to prevent energy loss. The problem is that most of the windows on the market in North Carolina are constructed using highly conductive metal-based spacers, which can cause a window to lose up to 50 percent of its overall stated R-value (resistance to heat flow) at the edge of the glass.

Universal Windows Direct’s line of UniShield® vinyl windows have what we call SuperSpacer technology between the panes of glass. SuperSpacer’s non-metal design eliminates any metal-to-glass contact and provides a “warm,” non-conductive edge. It’s the window of choice for homeowners in Matthews and beyond.

When you touch the glass on the UniShield® windows installed in your home, your fingers never come in contact with glass that is too cold or too hot, as a consistent temperature is maintained between the panes.

The ultra-efficient structural foam of a SuperSpacer incorporated into our UniShield® windows helps increase the edge-of-the-glass temperatures for a superior thermal barrier and year-round energy savings in your home.

The dual-seal SuperSpacer system as part of the construction of our UniShield® vinyl windows delivers outstanding durability and longevity by minimizing any subtle movement of the glass panes caused by temperature changes.

There really is a difference between the windows offered by UWD and what the other guys sell.

To find out for yourself how vinyl windows with SuperSpacer technology outperform the competition in Matthews, NC, call a window specialist at Universal Windows Direct today.